We are leaders from every aspect of the oil and gas industry.

Our board of directors is responsible for organizing and establishing the community events of EmPrestiza.

Jason Randall


Jason Randall has been in the oil and gas industry for almost 20 years. He’s worked at both for-profit and nonprofit organizations, and his experience with the latter led him to found EmPrestiza in 2013. He’s a proven mechanical engineer and has extensive sales and marketing experience, all of which contribute to the success of EmPrestiza.

Stacey Randall

Co-Owner/Vice President

Stacey Randall is the marketing engine behind EmPrestiza’s digital outreach, and it’s her efforts that allow EmPrestiza tournament sponsors to get in front of so many industry professionals. As the Vice-President of EmPrestiza, she’s responsible for ensuring the smooth running of each and every tournament.

Scott Baker

Board Member

Scott Baker has 26 years of experience in project management, business development, and process controls. He’s spent his entire career in the oil & gas industry, and leverages his marketing skills and business contacts to ensure EmPrestiza tournaments are fun and successful.

Adrienne Mains

Board Member

Adrienne Mains is a gifted relationship builder, and she’s worked in the oil & gas for most of her career. She focuses on business development and sales, both of which make her a vital asset to the EmPrestiza board.

Steven Randall

Board Member

With extensive experience in both the oil & gas industry and nonprofit organization, Steven Randall provides key insights to ensure that EmPrestiza provides a successful networking and marketing platform for industry businesses and professionals.

Chris Coxon

Board Member

Chris Coxon has spent his entire career in the oil & gas industry. Throughout his career, he has worked his way up, from an engineer to an executive. He has extensive experience with O&G business development, operation, and management.

Derek Gonseaux

Board Member

With experience both in the financial sector and the oil & gas industry, Derek Gonseaux has worked with commercial management, negotiation, and finance. He leverages his communications experience to ensure that EmPrestiza has the digital outreach it needs.


The founders of EmPrestiza have had roles in operations, engineering and sales. Building long-lasting relationships, attending the right industry events and using sound marketing strategies have helped them to build a long and successful career.

In our spare time, we worked with nonprofits to put on charity golf tournaments. Eventually, we decided to merge the two: golf tournaments that help oil & gas industry professionals meet, network, and make deals.

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