Golf Ball Launcher Rentals

Golf Ball Launchers are unique, fun, memorable and much more.

Our team will set up on a par 4 with a distance between 350-400 yards. Everyone can participate and launch their ball down the fairway to land on the green!  The closest to the pin will then proceed to putt for an Eagle

Your golfers will truly have fun with this unique experience!

Here’s how it works

Our professional staff helps the golfers load their ball into our light-weight, no kick, Golf Launcher. Our staff helps them take aim and the player pulls the trigger launching their golf ball 300+ yards away!

Benefits Include

A new fundraising opportunity:  In a world of fundraising, thinking outside the box can make all the difference. Imagine hosting a charity event that not only captures attention but also drives donations to new heights!  For a minimum donation,  players get to launch their ball reaching distances that were previously unimaginable.

Sponsorship Opportunities: The Golf Ball Launcher event provides excellent opportunities for sponsorship. Local businesses and organizations may be eager to partner with you to get their name associated with this thrilling experience. 

Keep the pace moving:  Players will be getting to the green with the launcher and putt for eagle which reduces the play by two (or more) strokes. 

Safety: The Air-Powered Golf  Ball Launchers are safe, extremely light weight, won’t damage the player’s ball and have no kick at all.

Ease of use. We take care of the Golf Ball Launcher from start to finish. We also have a payment square to take the extra money raised for your charity with ease!

A memorable experience for your golfers: Everyone will be taking pictures and video of their Golf Ball Launcher experience, sharing it with their friends on social media.

Golf Ball Launcher Inquiry

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