Golf Ball Cannon Rentals

Golf Ball Cannons are unique, fun, memorable and much more.

Get on the GREEN at a par 3 or short par 4 hole with our air-powered Golf Ball Cannon. A great way to pick up the pace of play while making additional money on a hole that traditionally does not produce revenue!

Your golfers will truly have fun with this unique experience!

Here’s how it works

Our professional staff helps the golfers load their ball into our light-weight, no kick, Golf Cannon. Our staff helps them take aim and the player pulls the trigger launching their golf ball 300+ yards away!

Benefits Include

A new fundraising opportunity on a par 3 or 4 that usually does not raise a dollar! Create a new fundraising contest. Golfers pay a fee to fire the Golf Ball Cannon. Once they see it, they just have to try it.

Unique sponsorship option. Sponsor signs are great but everyone will remember the sponsor of this hole. The Golf Ball Cannon is unique and will be a hit with your golfers!

Pace of play enhancement for the tournament! The golfers will fire the Golf Ball Cannon in lieu of their traditional hit.

Safety. The Air-Powered Golf Ball Cannons are safe, extremely light weight, won’t damage the player’s ball and have no kick at all.

Ease of use. We take care of the Golf Ball Cannon from start to finish. We also have a payment square to take the extra money raised for your charity with ease!

A memorable experience for your golfers. Everyone will be taking pictures and video of their Golf Ball Cannon experience, sharing it with their friends and on social media, and talking about it post-round.

Golf Ball Cannon Inquiry

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